Culinary Pursuits

Chinese New Year was last Friday, and since I wasn’t home with family, I cooked my own miniature feast for myself:


This was the first Chinese New Year I can remember that I did not mark with some communal celebration (that is, of Chinese New Year; I did go to Kartvelian Chorus and go out to eat with my fellow singers after rehearsal). Before college, and last year, I was always at my family’s gathering. At Swarthmore, the Chinese Department would host a party at the Friends Meetinghouse that involved intensive dumpling making and slightly embarrassing performances by those of us in the various Chinese classes. The year I was in Grenoble, I went to a Korean New Year celebration.

Anyway, it’s the Year of the Horse! I was born in the Year of the Horse, so as it turns out, my first book will come out in my year, which is pleasing, in a way.

In addition to Chinese New Year noodles, I also recently made far breton, a simple, delicious dessert from Brittany:


Custardy goodness!

Far slice

2 thoughts on “Culinary Pursuits

  1. Happy New Year! I remember the Korean Seollal party in Grenoble 🙂 This year, I didn’t do anything special, but now that I’m no longer traveling I think I’ll get jajangmyeon from the local Chinese restaurant! I’d cook, but my fridge is empty haha.

    • I really want to try jajangmyeon! It sounds so good. I think I must’ve heard of it on your blog. The one restaurant I’ve been to in Koreatown didn’t have it on the menu. Is it considered Chinese food in Korea?

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