England, Part II

I’m back in the States now, but here are photos from the latter part of my trip to England:


Bath, on the River Avon


One of King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath. According to legend, Bladud was a Briton who came back from study abroad in Athens with leprosy and wound up a swineherd. He noticed that pigs who lolled in a certain patch of warm mud didn’t get skin diseases, so he tried the mud himself. It cured him of his leprosy, he became prince again, and he founded Bath.


Bath Abbey


The Roman Baths and Bath Abbey



Hieratic text at the Ashmolean Museum


Citterns at the Ashmolean


Winged Assyrian holding a goat at the British Museum


Athena and Hephaestus on the Elgin (Parthenon) marbles at the British Museum


Beaver on a Nisga’a totem pole at the British Museum

E   lion in Trafalgar Square

Me with a lion in Trafalgar Square


Big Ben



E   London Eye

Me and the London Eye


Westminster Abbey

How Not to...

At Foyles, a bookshop on Charing Cross Road

2 thoughts on “England, Part II

  1. Wow, Bath looks lovely! I’d really like to visit and see that river, as well as get a chance to… take a bath? Is that allowed? Haha. I’m also glad you got to visit the British Museum (if you hadn’t been before). I could spend a week inside it…

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