Vegetable Frenzy

I’d been saving up vegetable recipes I wanted to try, and in the past few weeks I’ve finally gotten around to making most of them, with lots of farmers market produce. It helps that they’re all pretty well-suited to hot summer days.


Spicy Indian Mango Pickle: Between the ginger, the lime juice, the Thai chilies, and the cumin, this turned out to be rather strong. And I made a lot. There’s still more in the fridge…


South Indian Stir-Fried Corn with Basil and Leeks: This was delicious, the best recipe of the lot. I used Thai basil because I’d bought it for another dish.


Mango pickles and corn with tomato bruschetta, made with one Brandywine and one Red Zebra


Curtido (with tuna pasta salad): A sort of spicy slaw traditionally served with pupusas, a Salvadorean dish. After being disappointed by the mildness of green Thai chilies from the farmers market, I daringly put four red Thai chilies from the same vendor into the curtido. It’s really spicy. But refreshing.

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