Family Heirlooms

While I was at home for Thanksgiving, I continued to inventory the items from my grandparents’ former house that have found their way to my childhood bedroom. Forthwith, a list:

Two more hymnals belonging to my great-grandparents, one English, one German (my hymnal collection grows ever larger):


One wooden soprano recorder (not pictured)

One concertina with instruction manuals:


This Department of Defense publication:


“Nuclear war can be a threat to anyone. […] Fallout shelters would enable tens of millions, who otherwise would die from the effects of radiation, to live. Their survival, in healthy condition, would help assure the survival of the Nation.”

The manual includes sections on “Shelter Amusements” and “Religious Activities.” It explains, with illustrations, how to construct a fallout shelter in your home (my grandparents’ house had a basement concrete block shelter much like the one in this booklet). The final chapter is entitled “Survival on the Farm.”

One Sears electric typewriter that still works! It even has an automatic correction feature (and it came with erasable typing paper):



One beloved stuffed animal:



2 thoughts on “Family Heirlooms

  1. I’m fascinated that you have a hymnal collection. That’s very cool. Also, I’m just a bit envious: I’ve never used a typewriter before! At least, not in my own memory… I know my family owned one, though.

    • I never really set out to have a hymnal collection; it just sort of happened. Between Sacred Harp and Protestant church hymnals, they just sort of accumulate.

      Someday I want to try a manual typewriter!

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