The Wildings Cover

Last week when I shared the title and description for Wildings, the companion to Sparkers, I had no idea I would be able to reveal the cover so soon. But it’s ready, so here it is!

Wildings Cover

The art is by Manuel Sumberac, and it reveals something that was not mentioned at all in the book description, namely, that music plays a big role in Wildings! Did you think I could write a book that wasn’t about music? What’s more, I finally wrote a cellist!

This cover is quite different from the Sparkers cover, and I love both of them. I hope this one makes you more excited for Wildings!

3 thoughts on “The Wildings Cover

  1. This is so neat that Book 2 is coming out and that you have a cover already! I enjoyed reading Sparkers and have kept it on my shelf for the kids to read when they are a little older. (I think Anne is almost there — having devoured Harry Potter 1-7 this February at last.) I remember you when you were a baby with Hana, and now you are published!! Too cool!

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