Wildflower Hunting

On Sunday, my mother, my roommate, and I drove to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve hoping to see fields of blooming California poppies. There were actually very few poppies in the park. There were mostly a lot of fiddlenecks. But outside the park, at the corner of Munz Ranch Road and Elizabeth Lake Road, there was a hillside carpeted with orange and purple flowers. We parked on the side of the road and joined many other wildflower seekers in wandering among the poppies.


The Joshua tree blooming outside the Antelope Valley visitor center


California poppies and fiddlenecks at Antelope Valley


One good-looking Antelope Valley poppy!


A pygmy-leaved lupine on the flowering hillside


Lacy phacelia


So many more flowers here!


Not sure what this is


A nice poppy plant


Poppies and fiddlenecks

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