26 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you so much for the most beautiful book I’ve ever read in my life, my life changed for me the best writ… – one turkish reader

  2. Hey, I really enjoy your books. Why do do many characters have Jewish names? Is there any significance to which babes you choose? Like Levi for Asser Levi?

  3. Someone at school recommended Sparkers to my 4th grade granddaughter in Duluth. She recommended it to me. Thanks for such a riveting tale. Marah is a character who provides the kind of inspiration all kids should have. I’ll be looking for more of your writing. Many thanks.

  4. I’m reading the book: “Sparkers” and the way you describe details about how people look is so amazing, I have a clear vision of how well you describe certain events and it just makes it so easy to understand things that happen, not a lot of authors can do that. I look forward to reading your book and I hope you gain more recognition because your books are outstanding!

  5. I loved Wildings! Good writing, interesting (and timely) concept, and something else fantastic that I don’t want to spoil, but that has to do with the manner of social change. Thank you. I loved it and now I have to read Sparkers.

  6. I have read this AWESOME book and I loved it. I have one question about Mariah, what was the name of the peice she did for the auditions?

  7. Eleanor Glewwe I read your book “Sparkers” and I couldn’t stop reading the book until I got to the end. I was literally up at 12:00 in the morning reading the book. I think you should make another book about Mariah’s story. I promise you I will have the whole series by the time you are done with writing the book. Please think about this. I think Azariah and Mariah are a great match. ( #am I right)

  8. Félicitations, Eleanor! Quel accomplissement!
    Je suis très très fière de toi pour ton premier livre… et certainement pas ton dernier! Tu as toujours été une étudiante talentueuse.
    Je viendrai à B&N en septembre.

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