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4 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. Hi… what a way to start….anyway I’ve just finished reading your book and it was amazing!!!! Although I haven’t read sparkers I am going to… Be honest I just found that book, weldings, in a book catalog. Im part of a little group of “teens” , we’re like in middle school, and that was the book I picked out for our librarian to get. I was really excited to read the book. So good!!! If I had known that there was a book that came our before it I would have read it first….sorry…. Anyway I found it even more enjoyable for the fact that I am also 14…. And the fact that I will be going to a early collage high school next year… So I found this even more relatable for me and was really able to appreciate it even more…also if you decide to make another one to that series could I suggest that maybe you could have Rivka and Caleb as a couple…like it takes place where after years of the family law be repealed the society is planning on seeking revenge on the ones that helped with the repealing of the law. So like all the wildings and their siblings are “disappearing” one by one and….sorry just suggesting. But anyway I love the book and will read sparkers.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Mila. I am 11 years old and love to read books while listening to music, so your book impressed me very quickly.( I use my moms computer to find authors websites. I’m on it right now. ) I was in the library, when I stumbled upon your book. I just finished reading the book ” Wildings ” and really enjoyed it. I will try ” Sparkers ” next. Can’t wait ! , although I have to because I already have 11 more books to read from the library in a month; but I’ve already finished 3 books in 2 weeks so I hope i can get to read it in about 4 weeks time.Hope my calculations are correct !!! = )
    ~ Mila Johnson Zivkovic.
    P.S. I think Rivka would make a good wife for Caleb if they ever went in deap unoughf in that romance stuff. My cousin and my uncle are both called Caleb, Big Caleb and Little Caleb, so it was a bit of a shock. Hope keap up writing books about magic, gotta love it !!! = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) = )

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