Other Writing

Short Fiction

“Yet a Youth” Youth Imagination Issue 80 January 2020 (originally published in Small Craft Warnings Spring 2010)

“The Mailbox” The Society of Misfit Stories Vol. I Issue III September 2019

“Lómr” Cicada Vol. 20 Num. 5 June 2018
          Reprinted in Daikaijuzine #003: Rodan September 2020

“L’orchestre de Jénine”/”The Jenin Orchestra” Voyages Volume II Fall 2009


Feel free to download and print these zines (don’t shrink to fit). They’re one-page zines; learn how to fold and cut them at the bottom of this page (“An 8-sided zine from 1 sheet with 1 cut”).

Chinese New Year with the Cousins-in-Law Vol. 1 (February 2018)

Chinese New Year with the Cousins-in-Law Vol. 2 (February 2018)

Mopey Chipmunk Vol. 1 (April 2018)

Mopey Chipmunk Vol. 2 (April 2018)

Confessions of an Obsessive Journaler (February/March 2019)

A Cupcake ATM Misadventure (color) (July 2019)

Grad Student-itis (August 2019)