Other Writing

Short Fiction

“Maghda’s Song” Anathema Issue 16 August 2022

“A Burden of Transmuting Metal” Silver Blade Issue 47 Fall 2020

“Mijara’s Freedom” The Future Fire Issue 2020.55 October 2020 (originally published in slightly different form as “Parvana’s Freedom” in Images 2008)

“Yet a Youth” Youth Imagination Issue 80 January 2020 (originally published in Small Craft Warnings Spring 2010)

“The Mailbox” The Society of Misfit Stories Vol. I Issue III September 2019

“Lómr” Cicada Vol. 20 Num. 5 June 2018
          Reprinted in Daikaijuzine #003: Rodan September 2020

“L’orchestre de Jénine”/”The Jenin Orchestra” Voyages Volume II Fall 2009


Feel free to download and print these zines (don’t shrink to fit). They’re one-page zines; learn how to fold and cut them at the bottom of this page (“An 8-sided zine from 1 sheet with 1 cut”).

Chinese New Year with the Cousins-in-Law Vol. 1 (February 2018)

Chinese New Year with the Cousins-in-Law Vol. 2 (February 2018)

Mopey Chipmunk Vol. 1 (April 2018)

Mopey Chipmunk Vol. 2 (April 2018)

Confessions of an Obsessive Journaler (February/March 2019)

A Cupcake ATM Misadventure (color) (July 2019)

Grad Student-itis (August 2019)

Contrôle de sécurité Vol. 1 (April 2021)

Contrôle de sécurité Vol. 2 (April 2021)