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Guest Post at Paolini.net

As promised, the link to my reflection on music and writing at Paolini.net. Apparently this is the month in which I write personal posts about my history with music.

In other news, it’s spring break, and on Wednesday I’m headed to Eugene, OR for camping and the Annual Conference on African Linguistics. I’m sure I’ll write about it when I get back.

Music Month at Paolini.net

I’m participating in Music Month over at Paolini.net, and today I have a few words up about a piece of music I associate with Sparkers. Find out what piece here. There is also further discussion and heaps of music from Rachel Hartman, whose Shadow Scale I’m reading right now, not nearly fast enough (seriously, why won’t my conference handout revise itself so I have more time to read?).

I’ll also have a guest post on music and writing going up sometime next week. I’ll link to it here when it appears.